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Straddle Injuries

Yesterday I saw a 2yo female a couple hours after she had suffered a straddle injury in daycare. She had fallen on a partition board that surrounded the play area and injured her groin.

This was the first time I triaged this type of injury, but I knew from reading provider notes that these injuries are usually minor and can result in discomfort with urination or bowel movements.

Feeling Frustrated

Don’t you hate it when you have unsatisfying visits? Like when there is no clear diagnosis or you just feel inadequate as a health care provider?

I had two of those yesterday.


Blisters on shoulder- A Case Study

I saw a rash similar in appearance to the one above and at first assumed it was a 2nd degree blistered burn. That is until I found out more history and looked closer at the vesicles.

An 11 year old female presents for blisters on R shoulder on a Thursday.


Working at a community clinic

Let’s start with saying I never imagined working at a community health center and after my first job at one, vowed to never do it again. Fate had something else in mind. I love my current job working with kids, speaking in Spanish all day, and really feeling like I make a difference. Before considering a nursing job at a community health center, find out more about your role there.