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RN Interview Tips

I was just helping my friend prepare for an interview for her first RN job. So I thought I’d share the same pointers with you all.

Along with the standard interview questions, the RN interview usually involves clinical scenarios and prioritization questions. It’s impossible to read up on every possible scenario, though catching up on those NCLEX questions could help. Most scenarios you can answer in the same way.


Working at a community clinic

Let’s start with saying I never imagined working at a community health center and after my first job at one, vowed to never do it again. Fate had something else in mind. I love my current job working with kids, speaking in Spanish all day, and really feeling like I make a difference. Before considering a nursing job at a community health center, find out more about your role there.


RN Salary Discussion

It seems to me that there is quite the wide range of salaries for RNs and it can be hard to know how much to ask for. I think that fellow RNs should be open about how much they make and encourage new RNs to ask for a good wage.