Women Working

I’ve been thinking a lot about why I went to an all women’s college, chose a mainly female profession, and ended up working for a lady CEO.

I believe it has something to do with the special energy that is produced when women work together. It is powerful enough to sync your periods. I am truly blessed to see what happens in a female-run system; a system run on moon-time. It’s so different than the patriarchal status quo and so liberating. There are conflicts and challenges, but there is also more freedom to express your thoughts and opinions.

Sometimes I think that I am hiding from true challenge and in denial about how the world really runs. Then I think to all the difficult times I had as a new nurse or when playing sports and remember how much I have learned. The women in my life taught me so much, and I am constantly inspired to do better and be better by them.

There are a couple of men in my department and I wonder how they feel working with so many women. Do they feel their voice can be heard? What would the world look like with a system of woman leaders?

I believe the ultimate ideal is equality. How can we get there without changing the equilibrium?

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